ElaN Languages Shool

ElaN Languages offers the best language services both for individuals and companies. ElaN works with all languages, and the service can be all used around the world. With ElaN Languages, a foreign language is not a mystery anymore, but a real value. The highlight of this organization is the relationship between the company and its clients.


ElaN Languages' history

This language service company was created by three enterprising language enthusiasts at the beginning of the 1990s: Wim Vanschooren, Eric, and Peter Vaes. It started providing translations and interpreting services, as well as language courses. ElaN has various offices in diverse places - the Netherlands, Brussels, Flanders, Russia, Wallonia, France, and others. There are around 40 employees and 1,800 freelancers working with the company.



ElaN Languages' clients

The customers' desires are always a priority to the team from ElaN. The company will find a person who speaks a particular client's language, and they will explain to him the entire process. The fundamental principle when dealing with ElaN Languages is open communication. A person will receive qualitative work, but there needs to be a proper dialog. The company holds a quality standard certification, which proves its value on the market.


Virtual classes

ElaN Languages' team has come up with an innovative and creative idea – a virtual tool for learning a new language called BabblPro. This tool makes the meeting between a teacher and a student possible, disregarding their geographical location. The student will have access to a whiteboard, high-quality audio, chat function, webcam, and video clips. He or she needs to make sure to have all the required documents uploaded for the classes to take place properly. This online language platform offers a great chance for people around the world to enjoy studying a foreign language. Do not be afraid to try it.

ElaN Languages is always looking for language trainers that will be instructed by high-qualified experts. Make sure to catch this training opportunity and apply for it. A language teacher has its personal online coaching zone and special tools for teaching. If you believe that you have all that it takes to become a language coach, but only lack a little bit of proficiency in a certain language, why not take some professional courses and then apply at ElaN? Pay for your courses by taking a small loan from Instantloans24.net – instant online loans service that supports people who want to become professionals in their work domains. Instantloans24.net offers instant loans for potential language trainers under the best possible conditions. All types of loans are explained effectively. If there is such a chance, why not try it?!